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Restoring Your Classic Corvette


Restoring old Corvettes is one of the biggest parts of the Corvette hobby, and many enthusiasts own both new and classic Corvettes. Bringing an old 'Vette back to showroom condition is a labor of love, and a journey unlike any other.
  1. Finding the Right Corvette for Restoration
  2. Starting Your Restoration
  3. Miscellaneous Restoration Tasks
  4. Engine Restoration Tasks

Finding the Right Corvette for Restoration

Trashed C1 Corvette

Some cars are simply too far gone for the amateur to restore. Others are restorable only if you spend lots of money - more than the car will be worth when you're done. The trick is to find a nice enough car that restoration is possible, and makes financial sense.

Starting Your Restoration

Corvette on Trailer

Unless you're a serious collector, you will probably not buy a Corvette and take it straight to a frame-off restoration. You will want to fix what you can and bring your Corvette up in stages, while you continue to enjoy driving and owning the car.

Miscellaneous Restoration Tasks

C3 Corvette Rally Wheel

You can restore your Corvette to drivable or show condition piece-by-piece, taking each part of the car in turn as you are able.

Engine Restoration Tasks

Rochester Fuel Injection

Your Corvette's engine is the heart and soul of its performance. These articles give you the background you need to decide how to refresh or replace your 'Vette's prime mover.

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