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How to clean dirty car parts for restoration or maintenance


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How To Clean Dirty Corvette Parts
dirty car part

This is a perfect example of the kind of greasy yucky buildup that develops on old cars. How will you get it cleaned and ready to replace in your car?

Photo by Jeff Zurschmeide

Inevitably, any Corvette restoration project involves a tremendous amount of cleaning - people tend to take care of their car's paint and wheels, but what's behind and underneath the shiny side always tends to get grungy over time.

If you're not restoring an old Corvette, you can still use these steps to keep your current Corvette at restoration quality cleanliness while you're driving it.

This simple step-by-step takes you through the parts cleaning process using techniques that you can apply in your home garage or workshop before resorting to expensive commercial cleaning services.

There's no doubt that the commercial services clean things more completely than you can, but if you're looking to save some money and gain some "I did it myself" points, try these steps before you whip out your wallet.

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