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Corvette Restoration Project Gallery

The About.com Project Corvette


This gallery shows images of the About.com Corvette restoration project car. These images were taken at the start of the project.
Project Corvette Restoration Aerial View

This is a truly good-looking car - it's just a little tired and needs to be freshened up. That makes it a good candidate for restoration.

Photo by Jeff Zurschmeide

The About.com Corvette restoration project car is a 1977 Corvette coupe. This Corvette has an L-48 (base model) engine, automatic transmission, air conditioning, cruise control, 8-Track stereo, smoke gray interior, and several other options that made it a luxury model of its day. The car was originally painted silver, but was repainted with a cheap coat of red at some point in its life.

This Corvette has 108,000 miles on the odometer, and it's 33 years old. But all evidence is that this car has never been in a serious accident, and the fiberglass bodywork shows only a single crack that will need repair. Every piece of the car is still on the car, so restoring this project is simply a matter of freshening up the pieces, rather than a massive search for missing parts!

Over time I'll add to this gallery as restoration work takes place. I expect this project to take several years, and in fact it may never be complete!

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