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Corvette Restoration

This page provides links to resources and suppliers to assist Corvette owners in restoring their Corvettes to factory-original and show standards. Corvettes are some of the most meticulously restored cars in the world, and Corvette restoration is generally not difficult because of the great resources available to enthusiasts.

Spotting and Fixing Corvette Frame Damage
How to spot and fix frame damage to your Corvette - it's harder than it looks!

How to Install Corvette Headers and Side Exhaust
Give your resto-mod an aggressive look and sound with a set of headers and side exhausts!

Tips For a Successful Corvette Engine Swap
Even if you replace the old engine after a rebuild, these tips will help you have a successful project when you remove and install your Corvette's engine.

How to Fix a Crack in Your Corvette's Fiberglass Body
Every old Corvette has cracks - and they're not that hard to fix as part of your restoration program.

How to Replace Your Classic Corvette's Brake Vacuum Booster
Replacing your vintage Corvette's brake vacuum booster is easy, and it could save your engine!

How To Refresh Your C3 Corvette Gas Tank in 8 Mostly Easy Steps
Step by Step instructions to refresh or replace your Corvette's Fuel Tank

What To Expect With a Professional Engine Builder
Hiring a professional to rebuild your Corvette engine can be your smartest move - especially if your engine is a rare, numbers-matching unit in a vintage 'Vette.

If You Decide To Assemble Your Corvette Engine
Quick Tips for people who choose to have their Corvette engines rebuilt and perform their own engine assembly.

Rebuilding Your Corvette's Engine
Can you assemble your own Corvette engine, or should you take it to a professional engine rebuilder?

Should You Rebuild or Replace That Tired Corvette Engine?
FAQ about Corvette Engine Swap and Replacement

Where do you start to take apart a Corvette?
How to take apart a Corvette

How to clean dirty car parts for restoration or maintenance
How to clean your gunky and rusty car parts for automotive restoration

How to clean dirty car parts for restoration or maintenance
How to clean your gunky and rusty car parts for automotive restoration

How To Eliminate Mouse Smell In Your Corvette
How to get rid of mouse odors in your Corvette

Restoring Your Corvette's Engine Bay
Restore your Corvette engine bay

About Your Corvette's Catalytic Converter
About your Corvette Catalyst Converter

Restoring Your Classic Corvette
Information on Corvette Restoration Projects

Restore It? Or Not!
This article delves into the current thinking regarding leaving running original cars unrestored, with their patina of life and mileage as they are. This way of thinking about collector cars is an attractive alternative because by definition, it costs less.

Starting a Corvette Restoration Project
Describes the process of finding a good Corvette restoration project car.

The About.com Corvette Restoration Project
Corvette Restoration Project Image Gallery

Restore Your Corvette Wheels
Things to know when you plan to restore Corvette Wheels

Sharpen Up Your Steering And Handling
Corvette Front Suspension Rebuild

Classic 1960 Corvette - Restored!
This frame-off restoration of a 1960 Corvette shows how the car looks when returned to as-new condition.

Corvette Restoration
This page follows the author's painstaking restoration of a 1971 Corvette Stingray Coupe. It has several great articles and links to other resources for restorers.

National Corvette Restorers Society
Formed in 1974, the National Corvette Restorers Society is dedicated to the restoration, preservation, history and enjoyment of Corvettes made from the model years 1953 through 1996. This club provides books that detail the restoration and judging standards for all C1 through C4 Corvettes. An NCRS certification is unimpeachable.

Bloomington Gold Corvette Shows
Bloomington Gold bills itself as "America's Original Corvette Show" and it takes place each year in June near Bloomington, Illinois. Bloomington Gold offers a valuable certification for excellent Corvette Restoration.

The Corvette Image
The Corvette Image produces replacement body panels for collectible Corvettes from 1953 - 1982. These hand-laid panels are so close to the factory standards that they are accepted as original at many concours d'elegance.

Eckler's Corvette Parts and Accessories
Eckler's is one of the leading suppliers of restoration parts for all generations of Corvette

How To Properly Disassemble a Corvette For Restoration Purposes
How to properly disassemble a Corvette (or any car) for restoration purposes.

Refreshing Your 1974-1982 Corvette's Rear Bumper Cover
How to replace the bumper skin on a 1974-1982 Corvette

How to Replace the Carpet in Your Corvette
Step by step instructions for replacing the Carpet in a C3 Corvette

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