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2011 Puyallup Corvette & High Performance Swap Meet

From the Sublime to the Ridiculous


This image gallery is from the 2011 Corvette and High Performance Swap Meet in Puyallup, Washington. With over 900 vendors and cars for sale, this is one of the biggest Corvette events on the west coast, and it was fabulous. Like any swap meet, there were jewels and dirt clods for sale, and great bargains next to wildly overpriced junk.

But overall, this is a great show and well worth the trouble to attend. No matter where you live, you should always plan to attend Corvette and other classic car swap meets - you never what you'll find!

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1978 Corvette Pace Car1978 Corvette Pace Car1984 Corvette crossfire injectionCorvette C4 Crossfire Injection1964 Corvette Roadster1964 Corvette Roadster2009 Corvette ZR12009 Corvette ZR1
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