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1969 Corvette Coupe with L89 427/435 horsepower engine

Not the most powerful, but the best deal on a big block


In the late 1960s, an L89 Corvette came equipped with a 427 cubic inch, 435 horsepower engine. The 560-horsepower L88 is legendary, but very few were made, almost all were taken directly into racing, and they were twice the price of a basic Corvette. The 427/435 L89 package was a much better deal, and got you a car that was drivable on the street. As you can see, it was still a very sexy package.
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1969 Corvette L89 - Squirrel's Eye ViewSquirrel's Eye View1969 Corvette L89 - Rear Quarter ViewLooks Great From Any Angle1969 Corvette L89 - Side ViewA Very Sexy Car1969 Corvette L89 - Right Side ViewT-Top Supreme
1969 Corvette L89 - Interior ViewColor-Matched Interior1969 Corvette L89 - 427/435 Engine435 horsepower, 427 Cubic Inches1969 Corvette L89 - Front ViewNot What You Want In Your Rear-View Mirror1969 Corvette L89 - Rear ViewThis Is All They Usually Saw

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