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The Last Corvette Produced in St. Louis


Last St. Louis Corvette

This is the last 1981 Corvette produced at the St. Louis factory on July 31, 1981. The car was sold at the Barrett-Jackson auction in September, 2010 for $150,000.

Photo courtesy of Barrett-Jackson auctions

Year(s) Made:

July 31, 1981

Engine & Transmission:

350 Cubic inch engine at 190 horsepower, 3-speed Turbo-Hydramatic 350 automatic transmission.

Model Notes:

This is the last Corvette ever produced at the St. Louis Corvette factory, on July 31, 1981

A hidden plaque was installed in the car's right front fender well to designate the last car down the line.

David Burroughs, John Amgwert and Mike Hansen photo documented the entire production procedure of this car with over 1000 photographs, and then purchased the car.

The car has been stored since purchase exactly as it was made at the factory, with all the frame and chassis markings put on by the plant employees.

The car sold at Barrett-Jackon's Las Vegas auction in September, 2010 for $150,000.

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