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1976-1977 Corvette - The Last Sharks


1977 Corvette

The 1976 Corvette was the last to be called "Stingray" and the 1977 Corvette was the last with the small rear window "fin-back" styling.

Photo courtesy of GM

Years(s) Made:


Engine & Transmission:

All engines were 350 cubic inches, with the base L-48 engine rated at 180 horsepower and the upgrade L-84 engine rated at 210 horsepower.The engines in this era were burdened with emissions reduction equipment and this was right at the beginning of catalytic converters, which Chevy implemented by joining the exhaust into a single tube, passing through the catalyst, and then re-splitting the exhausts at the rear of the car. This bottleneck is somewhat responsible for the low horsepower numbers.

Transmission options included a 4-speed manual or 3-speed automatic.

Model Notes:

1976 was the last year for "Stingray" emblems on the side of the car, being replaced with the Corvette crossed flags in 1977.

1977 was the last year of the "shark" styling with the small rear window. This fact has not made the 1976-1977 Corvettes any more beloved among collectors or enthusiasts, mostly because of the car's anemic mid-70s horsepower ratings.

Leather seats were standard for the first time in 1977, with a striped cloth insert option.

The milestone of 500,000 Corvettes produced was reached in May of 1977.

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