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1963 Corvette Z06


1963 Corvette Z06

The 1963 Z06 coupe was the ultimate in performance for its day. The first of the IRS C2 era, with a 360 horsepower 327 cubic inch engine and 4-speed transmission.

Photo courtesy of Mecum Auctions

Year(s) Made::

The Z06 option was available in 1963 only, but was revived for the C5 and C6-era Corvettes from 2001-2004, and 2006 to the present day.

Engine & Transmission::

The 1963 Z06 received the L84 327 cubic inch fuel-injected 360 horsepower engine, and a Muncie M20 4-speed manual transmission.

Model Notes:

1963 was the first year of the Z06 option code, which indicated the fuel-injected engine, heavy duty suspension, aluminum knock-off wheels, heavy duty brakes, 36-gallon fiberglass fuel tank, and limited slip rear end.

Just 198 Z06 coupes and one Z06 convertible were made.

Note that you could effectively build a Z06 equivalent in 1964 by choosing the L84 engine, M20 transmission, F40 suspension, J65 brakes, G81 rear axle, and P48 wheel options. You wouldn't get the fiberglass fuel tank, however, or the high price today.

Current values for 1963 Z06 Corvettes range from $125,000 to $185,000, according to Corvette Market magazine. That's two to three times the price for any other 1963 Corvette coupe.

A complete photo gallery of a 1963 Corvette Z06 sold by Mecum Auctions at Monterey in August, 2010 is available.

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