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1961 Mako Shark Corvette Concept


Mako Shark Corvette

In 1961, GM Vice President William Mitchell caught a Mako shark off the coast of Florida. Looking at the fish, he got this idea. This is the only car of its kind, and you can see the lines of the C2 Corvette in this concept.

Photo by Jeff Zurschmeide

Year(s) Made:

Engine & Transmission:

Supercharged 327 cubic inch small block V8, 3 speed automatic transmission

Model Notes:

Chevy's internal designation of the Mako Shark concept car was XP-755.

The body shape and color scheme were based on a Mako shark that GM Chief of Styling Bill Mitchell caught while deep sea fishing. The design was created by Larry Shinoda.

The Mako Shark and the related XP-720 concept were the basis for the legendary C2 line of Corvettes from 1963-1967.

A second Mako Shark concept was built on the same chassis in coupe form in 1965, then renamed the Manta Ray. This car featured a 427 cubic inch big block V8

The Mako Shark is currently displayed at the GM Heritage Center.

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