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How to Re-Cover Your Corvette Steering Wheel


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How To Re-Cover Your Corvette Steering Wheel
Original Corvette Steering Wheel

This original Corvette steering wheel has seen better days. We'll give it a new covering that will both look great and feel nice in the driver's hands.

Photo by Jeff Zurschmeide

Steering wheels are not generally considered to be a consumable item on your car, but Corvettes measure their working lives in decades, so it’s entirely likely that you will wear through your steering wheel wrapping over time. Most Corvettes down through the years have featured leather-wrapped wheels, and the combined effects of skin oil, wedding rings, and UV radiation take their toll over time.

If your steering wheel cover is torn, worn, or just grungy and faded, you can put a fresh leather wrap on it in just about an hour in your driveway. What’s even better is that you can have a professional, factory-sewn look when you’re done. And for older cars with a hard and skinny wheel ring, adding a wrapping layer can make driving more comfortable on your fingers.

Look through the following steps to find out how to restore your wheel with a new leather wrapper. Note that this is not restoration in the strict sense of putting your Corvette back to assembly-line condition, but rather using an accessory kit to effect a repair. However, for most Corvettes, installing this accessory is a repair that will restore your steering wheel to usable and attractive condition.

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