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Modified Corvettes

Because there's nothing like one-of-a-kind


Corvettes are among the most frequently modified sports cars in the world. Modifying your 'Vette for the street can range from custom one-off body designs commissioned by Chevy as auto show concept cars to simple adding a body kit or wheel package. Racing Corvettes are frequently modified so far that there’s very little left that ever saw the inside of the Corvette factory.

What follows is an image gallery of modified Corvettes, ranging from mild to wild.

Images 1-12 of 14
1963 Corvette Rondine1963 Corvette RondineC6R at Le MansC6R at Le Mans1963 Grand Sport1963 Grand Sport1962 Custom Corvette1962 Custom Corvette
Classic Rally CorvetteClassic Rally CorvetteSCCA Racing CorvetteSCCA Racing CorvetteC4 Drag RacerC4 Drag Racer1965 Corvette Convertible1965 Corvette Convertible
American Le Mans Series C6.RAmerican Le Mans Series C6.RFerrari Replica CorvetteFerrari Replica CorvetteTrans-Am CorvetteTrans-Am Corvette1967 Corvette Convertible1967 Corvette Convertible
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