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Corvette Performance in a Hurry

Four Things You Can Do To Improve Your Zoot


2010 Corvette Carbon Edition

No matter what Corvette you own, there are some easy ways to squeeze a bit more power out of it without making changes you can't undo later.

Photo courtesy of GM

Remember last fall when you thought about the upgrades you'd like to make to your 'Vette to get a little bit more performance for this year's track days, autocrosses, or just for a little more zoom on the street? If you're like most people, your Corvette is still pretty much the same as it was in September, and now the new sports car season is pretty much upon us.

But don't despair - there's plenty you can do in a single weekend to boost your ride's performance, and most of this stuff won't break your budget. It doesn't matter if you've got the most basic 350 small block or a new Z06 - there's always something easy you can do to improve your car's performance.

We'll start out with the really easy stuff, and from there, we'll move on to the easy stuff. There's no point in starting anything truly challenging at this point, especially when you can get good results without breaking a sweat or punishing your credit card.

I've broken down the things you can do into simple sections. Choose any of these or all of them - the main thing is just to get it done!

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