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Corvette Customization and Performance

Find out how to customize your Corvette for great looks, sound and performance. Learn about the best bolt-on high performance parts, interior comfort and entertainment products on the market.

How to Install Corvette Headers and Side Exhaust
You can significantly increase your classic 'Vette's performance with a set of headers and side pipes.

Tips For a Successful Corvette Engine Swap
Planning on installing a hot-rod engine in your 'Vette? Find out some tips to make the process painless and successful!

Are You Ready to go Vintage Racing in a Corvette?
Things to know before you go vintage racing in your Corvette

About Your Corvette's Catalytic Converter
About your Corvette Catalyst Converter

Corvette Performance in a Hurry
Corvette Performance in a Hurry

How to Succeed at a Cruise-In
How to do well at a Cruise-In

One Outrageous Corvette
Outrageous Corvette Hot Rod

Modified Corvettes
Corvettes are among the most frequently modified sports cars in the world. Modifying your 'Vette for the street can range from custom one-off body designs commissioned by Chevy as auto show concept cars to simple adding a body kit or wheel package. Racing Corvettes are frequently modified so far that there’s very little left that ever saw the inside of the Corvette factory. What follows is an i…

Basic C6 Performance Modifications
This article from Vette Magazine details a few basic performance enhancements for a late-model C6 Corvette.

Corvette Performance Parts Suppliers
This list of suppliers at www.corvettelegends.com provides some good links to performance enhancing parts for all years of Corvette.

The Most Powerful Crate Engine Ever Offered by GM
LSX454 Corvette Engine

How to Re-Cover Your Corvette Steering Wheel
How to Re-Cover Your Corvette Steering Wheel in step-by-step instructions

Two Corvette Questions: Traction Control and Ride Stiffness
Two Corvette questions on traction control and a stiff ride are answered.

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