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Corvette Adventures Without The Stress

If You Want A Pleasant Tour, Hire an Organizer!


Bloomington Gold Tours

Bloomington Gold Tours offer some events open to all years of Corvette, and some open only to cars up to 1973.

Photo courtesy of Bloomington Gold Tours

There’s great satisfaction in owning a Corvette. You might love the history and style of a classic ‘Vette, or the world-class supercar performance of a modern model. But one of the critical questions each Corvette owner faces – especially owners of Corvettes made before 1973, is whether you plan to really get out on the road with your car.

I don’t mean just heading on the local Saturday morning tour to brunch, or driving your car to the car show as opposed to trailering it there. I mean really getting out and seeing the countryside, Route 66 style.

Those kinds of adventures are wonderful, but they can also be stressful – who wants to end up stuck beside the road or in some small town with a classic Corvette and no way to get it fixed? And who wants to roll the dice on good food and decent lodging, to say nothing of finding the best possible route?

That’s where Bloomington Gold Tours comes in – this company was founded precisely to provide wonderful adventure tours for Corvette owners, and it’s affiliated with the Bloomington Gold Corvette show.

Dwayne and Cindy Bublitz own and operate Bloomington Gold Tours. The couple have decades of experience in the hospitality industry, so they really understand the need and desire for a premium experience when it comes to travel. They’re also Corvette enthusiasts, so that helps, too.

The couple started running tours for Corvettes in 2005, and in 2007 they partnered with Bloomington Gold, and started down the path of offering a special certification for classic Corvettes called the Bloomington Gold TourCertified Award. In order to qualify, a 1953-1973 Corvette must have already received Gold Certification at a Bloomington Gold Corvette Show. If the Corvette makes it through the 500-mile tour under its own power with no major mechanical breakdowns, it gets the certification. It’s a nice way of saying that this Corvette is no trailer queen – it’s good to go.

But the real reason to head out on a tour is the fun. “Tours include lodging, 75% of the meals, activities and more. We compare this type of a tour to a motor coach tour where everything is planned out for you but instead of traveling in a bus, everyone drives their own Corvettes,” says Cindy Bublitz.

The routes chosen by the tour organizers include no major highways or freeways – just nice country roads – also chosen for decent pavement so you don’t have to worry too much about damaging your car. The tours also provide security for the cars at the overnight stops, which is critical if you’re traveling in a vintage Corvette that has achieved awards for its originality. Participants get goodie bags with memorabilia, and all tickets and gratuities are handled for you.

“We get participants from all across America because of the wonderful scenery our tours travel through. We also get many Corvette clubs joining us. Many times we have couples join us who don't know anyone else but by the end of the tour, everyone has made new friends that they end up keeping in touch with. We usually have one or two single men join us but our participants are mostly couples. We are unique because we offer a Corvette experience that women enjoy just as much as the men. Our participants are impressed with our attention to details and family operation,” Bublitz says.

Bloomington Gold Tours are located in the beautiful southwestern and Rocky Mountain region of the United States. Each year’s tours cover the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon and Zion national parks, and the rugged beauty of Arizona, New Mexico, Utah, and the surrounding region. Costs are generally around $1,000 per person based on double occupancy. Note that you need to get your car to the tour, and your fuel and mechanical expenses on the tour are on your wallet!

So if you’re looking for an adventure out in Route 66 country, but you’re not ready to just hop in and see where the road may take you, consider a package tour. It’s a great way to enjoy your car, meet like-minded folks, and see some of the USA from the seat of your classic ‘Vette.

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