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2011 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 "Carbon Edition" Unveiled in Detroit

Colors, Interior, and Carbon Fiber Elements


2011 Chevrolet Corvette Carbon Edition Z06 - Rear View

The back end of the Z06 Carbon is all most people will ever get to see.

Photo courtesy of GM

The Corvette Z06 Carbon will be available in two colors: Inferno Orange and the all-new Supersonic Blue (shown). Of the two, the orange will be more in-your-face, but I'm betting the blue is more popular. It's a gorgeous color and it says you've got nothing to prove to anyone.

The Carbon edition also comes blacked out - black headlamps and mirrors, carbon fiber raised hood, and black carbon fiber rockers and splitter. Other components are done in body color, including a ZR1-style rear spoiler and body color door handles.

For those who really like special editions, the Corvette Z06 Carbon comes with Euro-styled racing number stickers. Thankfully, Chevy's delivering those in the trunk instead of on the car, and the prudent Corvette buyer will immediately put them in a big ziplock bag, because 20 years from now they will be unavailable at any price.

Corvettes have received a lot of media complaint lately for not having an interior as expensive as the price tag on the window. The Z06 Carbon plans to change that, with an ebony leather and suede interior matched with blue or orange seat stitching to match the exterior color. Other features include a unique steering wheel emblem, sill plate and logo-embroidered headrest. The suede used on the steering wheel, shifter, seat inserts, armrests and doors add to the luxury feel.

Looking at it in person, it's a really nice interior. But I have to wonder how well the suede components will wear over time. Admittedly, this is not a car you buy as a daily driver, but suede is delicate stuff. The prudent buyer may want to invest in a set of sacrificial seats, especially for track use.

So, as I said, only 500 Carbon edition 2011 Z06 Corvettes will be made. But even if you're not lucky enough to get your hands on a Carbon, Chevy will offer you an optional Z07 performance package for your ordinary 2011 Z06. The Z07 package includes the same ZR1-derived mechanical upgrades as the Carbon. This package also includes Competition Gray 20-spoke wheels and all the chassis and cooling upgrades.

For the rest of the Carbon goodies, you will be able to order a CFZ Z06 carbon fiber package including the black carbon fiber rockers, splitter and roof panel with the full-width body color spoiler. You can get the carbon fiber parts with or without the Z07 package on regular Z06 models.

The 2011 Corvette Z06 Carbon Limited Edition, as well as the new Z07 and CFZ Z06 option packages will be available in late summer of 2010.

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