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Basic Corvette Maintenance You Can Perform Yourself

Learn to perform basic maintenance tasks on your Corvette. Advice and how-to articles teach you to save money and confidently perform many tasks yourself. Find out about washing, waxing, and detailing products and techniques to make your Corvette shine.

How to Install Corvette Headers and Side Exhaust
You can install a set of headers and side pipes for improved performance!

How to Replace Your Classic Corvette's Brake Vacuum Booster
Replacing your Corvette's power brake vacuum booster is good for your brakes and for your engine life!

How To Refresh Your C3 Corvette Gas Tank in 8 Mostly Easy Steps
Step by Step instructions to refresh or replace your Corvette's Fuel Tank

What To Expect With a Professional Engine Builder
Hiring a professional to rebuild your Corvette engine can be the smartest move you make - but make sure you're getting the right shop to do the right stuff to your engine!

If You Decide To Assemble Your Corvette Engine
Quick Tips for people who choose to have their Corvette engines rebuilt and perform their own engine assembly.

Rebuilding Your Corvette's Engine
Can you assemble your own Corvette engine, or should you take it to a professional engine rebuilder?

Should You Rebuild or Replace That Tired Corvette Engine?
FAQ about Corvette Engine Swap and Replacement

How To Properly Disassemble a Corvette For Restoration Purposes
How to properly disassemble a Corvette (or any car) for restoration purposes.

How to clean dirty car parts for restoration or maintenance
How to clean your gunky and rusty car parts and keep your Corvette looking like new

How to clean dirty car parts for restoration or maintenance
How to clean your gunky and rusty car parts and keep your Corvette looking like new

About Your Corvette's Catalytic Converter
About your Corvette Catalyst Converter

Five Steps To Shine Your 'Vette Up For Spring
Five Steps For Spring Cleaning Your Corvette

Corvette Performance in a Hurry
Corvette Performance in a Hurry

Stay On Top of Maintenance With a Regular Maintenance Schedule
About.com's Guide to Auto Repair Matthew Wright offers some good advice about creating a maintenance schedule and sticking to it.

Get the Best Engine Oil for Your Corvette
An article outlining the decision factors in choosing engine oil for your Corvette.

How to Read Your Oil Can
Corvette engine oil - API Ratings

Checking Your Oil Level
If your Corvette runs low on oil, it can be a tremendously expensive repair. It's better to check your oil regularly, and checking is easy to do.

Adding Oil to Your Corvette
If you just checked your oil and it's low, here's a primer on how to add oil without making a mess.

How to Wash, Wax, and Detail Your Corvette
How to Wash, Wax and Detail Your Corvette

Freshen and Upgrade Your Corvette's Ignition
Upgrading Your Corvette's Ignition System

Restore the Spark in Your Corvette's Engine
How to Freshen Your Corvette Ignition System

Top Off Your Washer Fluid
There's nothing worse than hitting your windshield washer and having nothing come out. Adding your own washer fluid is easy and you get a better quality cleansing fluid than if you let the mechanic do it.

How to Fix a Crack in Your Corvette's Fiberglass Body
Fiberglass tends to crack - especially as it gets older. You can fix it yourself!

Tips For a Successful Corvette Engine Swap
Planning an engine swap on your Corvette? Read this story to find out tips to make the project successful!

Refreshing Your 1974-1982 Corvette's Rear Bumper Cover
How to replace the bumper skin on a 1974-1982 Corvette

How to Replace the Carpet in Your Corvette
Step by step procedure for replacing the carpet in your classic 'Vette

3 Ways to Learn More About Your Corvette
Where can I learn Corvette history, find out about Corvette racing and troubleshoot problems with my Corvette? 3 great resources here.

4 Paint-Care Products Every Corvette Owner Must Own
What are the best products to care for your Corvette's paint? This list details the best wash and wax for your sports car, and include two other things you can't wash your car without.

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