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Corvettes August 2011 Archive


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Corvette Racing Offers an Inside Look at Race Prep

Wednesday August 31, 2011
When a professional racing team gets ready to compete on a new course, there's a lot more that goes into the process than just learning to follow the track. Everything ... Read More

Some Days It's Good To Be A Corvette Guy

Wednesday August 31, 2011
There are some days when it's very good to be a Corvette guy - like when you get the chance to spend the weekend driving a nice new 2011 Corvette ... Read More

Think You'll Save Money Buying A Used Corvette? Think Again!

Tuesday August 16, 2011
The conventional wisdom has been the same for at least 50 years - when you buy a new car, you take a depreciation hit as soon as you drive it ... Read More

Get That Corvette On The Road!

Sunday August 7, 2011
A friend of mine recently remarked that when it comes to old cars, you can do things to them, or you can do things with them. Here at About Corvettes, ... Read More

Corvette Racing's Track to Street Video Series - Watch as the Pit Crew Battles the Clock

Thursday August 4, 2011
The latest video in Corvette Racing's Track to Street series follows the team through a normal pit stop, with comments by the mechanics and car chiefs - all coming together ... Read More

Corvette Racing Takes Win at ALMS Mosport

Tuesday August 2, 2011
Corvette Racing claimed the class win in the GT category of the American Le Mans Series race at Mosport in Ontario, Canada on July 24. The #4 C6.R of Oliver ... Read More

Let's Begin a Journey to Restore a Corvette

Monday August 1, 2011
Setting out to restore your vintage Corvette is an act of hope and vision. You have to see the finished product in your mind and believe that you can take ... Read More

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