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Let's Begin a Journey to Restore a Corvette

By August 1, 2011

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Corvette SeatsSetting out to restore your vintage Corvette is an act of hope and vision. You have to see the finished product in your mind and believe that you can take the faded, cracked, and dirty shell in your garage and turn it into something that will cause people to catch their breath when you drive by. You want the joy of achievement when it's done, and the satisfaction of knowing that you did the work with your own two hands.

But once you're done daydreaming, where do you begin? And what do you do? Well, you start by beginning your restoration before you buy the car. Choose the right one and get all the research materials ready so you can make your restoration accurate - or at least know when you're choosing to change something from the way they did it in Flint, St. Louis, or Bowling Green.

But then you have to be ready to keep track of things as you disassemble the car, and then disassemble the car in the correct order. There are better and worse ways to do this, and you're here reading this because you want to do it the better way. Check the tab above for a set of articles on restoration, and check back frequently, because I'll be adding articles every week as I work through my own restoration project.

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