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Phew! - What's That Smell?!

By June 24, 2011

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Common MouseYou know the horror I'm going to talk about today - it's the kind of thing that classic Corvette owners tell each other around campfires, and it can cause grown men to wake up screaming in the night.

It's a common household mouse. More specifically, it's a common mouse inside your Corvette. And that mouse is doing what comes naturally to him - he's tearing up your carpet to make a cozy nest, eating that granola bar you left on the floor, and he's doing his business wherever the mood strikes him.

If you've had the experience of opening up your Corvette for spring and being hit with a waft of mouse smell, you need to read my new step-by-step article on removing mouse smells from your Corvette - or any car. The steps also work if you left the windows down and your cat decided to fight the mouse with superior odoriffic firepower, if you catch my drift.

Yes, I'm speaking from experience here. Read the article and don't let what happened to me happen to you!

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