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Strange Story: Brooklyn Corvette Collection Finally Moving

By February 14, 2010

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There's just no predicting what people will do, even with a perfect collection of the first 36 years of Corvettes.  The New York Times broke this story about a neglected set of 'Vettes in Brooklyn. Here's a photo gallery of the forgotten collection, but the short version of the story is this:

Back in 1989, the VH1 cable TV station sponsored a contest to win a then-complete set of Corvettes - one from each model year from 1953 to 1989. VH1 awarded the 'Vettes to a plumber from Long Island, New York, who promptly sold them to a famous artist. The artist, Peter Max, just parked them in a garage and ignored them.

After decaying and gathering dust in the basement garage of a Brooklyn apartment building for the last 20 years, the collection was recently moved. Apparently, Mr. Max is finally going to do something with them.

According to the New York Times, Mr. Max plans to add Corvettes from 1990 to 2003 for a complete 50-year set, and then the cars will be custom-painted and sold as a set at auction.

Now, in general I'm fine with people customizing their cars, and heaven knows I've had a few projects sit in my workshop for many years before I did anything with them. But to let a complete set of 'Vettes - many purchased at top dollar auctions for the contest - just languish for years is tragic. While it's good that they'll be cleaned up and ultimately put back into the world, you also have to wonder what artistic indignities will be suffered along the way that will have to be put right by future owners.

But that's the way of the world - start saving your pennies now and you can have a complete 50-year collection of Corvettes.

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